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We service and repair all major brands of gas fireplaces, whether it’s a decorative fuel effect fireplace or radiant gas fire we have you covered. Our service is completely tailored to your needs, whether you need our time, advice or technical support.

Gas Fireplace Inspection Checklist

Carry out Gas Fireplace Inspection during routine maintenance
Check for proper input & output pressure on gas valve
Check for correct millivolt output of thermocouple and thermopile if fireplace has both
Check and clean thermocouple/thermopile connections
Check correct setting of pilot flame.
Tighten up all gas connections. Checking for any gas leaks
Carefully check fire log-set for any cracks or signs of failure
Clean and remove gas burners, adjust air shutter to ensure a correct flame
Check burner and gas pilot position
Vacuum blower/fan blades to remove build up and adjust if needed
Check flue for any leaks along with proper connection to exterior vents
Check thermostat location, operation, calibration, & anticipaitor setting
Check thermostats wiring to ensure tight, clean connections
Clean fireplace glass doors & check hinges, latches and locks
Vacuum out beneath fireplace
Carry out Safety Inspection
Inform homeowner of condition of fireplace & any recommendations
Provide a written estimate for any recommendations

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