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Keep Warm This Winter by Installing a New Furnace on Your Home Property in Chilliwack

Furnace repair & Services in Chilliwack

Angels Heating and Cooling Company will guarantee that the air in your home is always kept at a comfortable temperature. Furnaces can be installed on your property by us. The main source of central heating, a central heating boiler circulates hot air throughout the entire house. A furnace can be used safely for up to 15-20 years after installation. We provide a wide range of heating and cooling options from many of the top producers. You’re sure to discover something that meets your demands and budget with so many possibilities available.

Furnace Services and Repair in Chilliwack

Angels Heating and Cooling , Air Conditioning has been working in HVAC Services like inspecting, installing, repairing and maintaining furnaces with 25 years of experience. If your furnace system breaks down do not panic, Our company provides 24/7 furnace repair in all of the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. If you want the best service, just call us and we will be happy to help you.

Why Choose Angels Heating and Cooling ?

  • 25 years of experience.
  • Licensed and insured in HVAC industry.
  • 24/7 emergency furnace repairs.
  • Free estimates for installation.
  • We provide all documents needed to claim Fortis BC Rebates.
  • Certified technicians.
  • Free safety inspections for all services.
  • Match competitor prices.
1. Quality Furnace Brands
2. Lifetime Value
3. High AFUE Ratings
4. Good Warranties
Angels heating and cooling

What to look for in a new furnace?

Angels Heating and Cooling Company in Chilliwack understands the importance of emergency HVAC needed for residential heating. It is hard living without heating and cooling systems, Angels Heating and Cooling specializes in residential heating and home HVAC services that include heating system repair , rooftop unit repair, installation, and central heating system maintenance.

If your heating system is not being tuned up once a year, if it has a faulty error sign , mechanical issue or it is not getting a regular maintenance, your heating system may not be working efficiently. Having your furnace, boiler, gas fireplace serviced annually will help you avoid unexpected  breakdowns, carbon monoxide poisoning, higher than usual heating bills & more.

Angels heating and cooling

Residential Heating in Chilliwack

The Best Furnace Brands in Chilliwck:

Home Size

Furnace BTU

Central AC Unit Size

1,200 sq. ft
1,200 to 1,500 sq. ft
1,500 to 1,800 sq. ft
1,800 to 2,500 sq. ft
2,500 to 3,500 sq. ft
50,000 BTU
55,000 BTU
60,000 BTU
70,000 BTU
90,000 to 100,000 BTU
1.5 to 2 tons
2 tons
2.5 tons
2.5 to 3 tons
3.5 to 4 tons

How does a furnace work?

In a central heating and cooling system, a furnace burns fuel and distributes it throughout the house in conjunction with an air conditioner or heat pump.

What is two stage and modulating heating?

Two-stage heating means a furnace has two heating settings: high for the coldest days and a low setting for more mild temperatures. A multi-stage furnace is more efficient and keeps temperatures more consistent throughout the day.

What is AFUE?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of a gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy. A higher AFUE means greater energy efficiency.

What size furnace do I need?

When it comes to choosing what size furnace you need, your best bet is to get a Manual J calculation done for your house. An HVAC expert can also recommend the correct size based on the square footage of your home. The maximum size unit you should buy would be 15% over the BTUs you need for cooling and 40% of the BTUs for heating.

What is the difference between a furnace and a heat pump?

A furnace burns fuel to create heat and distributes it throughout your home. It does not generate cold air. A heat pump uses the outside air to both heat a home in winter and cool it in summer.

What are the new FER standards for furnaces?

FER stands for Fan Energy Rating, which is a rule that was passed by the Department of Energy (DOE) to set minimum airflow efficiency standards for residential furnaces and gas packaged units. These new guidelines are in place to encourage energy efficiency and will help make a positive environmental impact*. As of July 3, 2019, gas furnaces and gas packaged units can’t be manufactured unless they meet the FER standard.

Furnace Repairs & Servicing in Chilliwack, BC

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